Wiener Dog Blogs

Cross Country in a Kolb Slingshot

A video recap of my 1000 mile, 3-day trip from PA to Florida in my Kolb Slingshot

The Aero Commander Playhouse

A unique a fun use for an old airplane

Live, Love, Fly

A fun video glimpse at why I'm so fortunate

Nesmith Cougar Restoration

An ongoing restoration project of our future cross country airplane

Smoketown Airport

A quick visit to Smoketown Airport and look at award winning restoration

Rotax 503 Exhaust Gasket Leak

How to fix a sticky mess

My Airplanes

A collection of airplanes that I own or have owned

Wellsboro, PA Fly-in Breakfast

Video of a flight to Wellsboro, PA for their great fly-in breakfast.

2015 Central PA GAthering of Titan Tornadoes

We tried an all Tornado get together but only got three attendees. It was still a good time.

Headset Modification

Modify your headset using inexpensive earbuds for superior noise suppression.

DIY Microphone Boot

Make your own microphone boot from a cheap foam paint brush.

Airventure 2014

A trip for two in the Piper Tripacer.

The Ethanol Debate

Stop putting food in my fuel!

Airventure 2012

Oshkosh or bust (mostly bust). My trip to Airventure in Oshkosh, WI was not a big success.

Western PA Ultralight Fly-in 2012

The first annual Western PA Ultralight Fly-in.

Airventure 2013

Redemption! The 2013 Airventure trip was fantastic!