Kolb UltraStar

This page details the covering and painting of a Kolb Ultrastar that I restored. It was a fun project which I later traded (along with some cash) for a Kolb Slingshot.

The UltraStar is a true ultralight from the Kolb company. Like other Kolbs, the wings fold for compact storage and transportation. Since my Ultrastar was ready for recovering I invited the local EAA members over to learn the process. There were only a few takers, but we had a great time.

The covering supplies staged and ready to start the process.

Ray and Steve applying 3M Fastbond glue to an elevator.

John preparing a stabilizer.

The crew with a covered elevator ready for tapes.

All the tail surfaces with the reinforcing tapes applied.

And now primed and ready for paint.

The paint. Safety Yellow, Safety Orange, and Safety Red. This should be a very safe ultralight!

Painted with Behr Premium High Gloss Exterior Latex from Home Depot.

Nice gloss after applying thinned paint with a foam then sanding with 2000 grit, polishing, and waxing.


On to the wing!

Above are the wings, cleaned and ready to cover.

Fabric on the bottom.

Starting on the top.

Fabric glued on the top and shrunk.

Pop rivets hold the fabric to the ribs.

All taped and ready to paint.

After 3 coats of thinned Glidden Gripper primer applied with a foam brush.

All painted, sanded, and polished.

One more look.

A quick shot in the back yard.

It's almost ready to fly.


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