1953 Piper PA22-135 Tripacer $13,900 (SOLD)

This is a nice little Tripacer. The 135 hp Lycoming O-290D2 is a good compromise between power and economy. We've taken it all over PA, up to northern VT, down to TN, and loaded it up with camping gear and made the trip to Oshkosh. It has great payload which makes very practical. It has less than 1182 hrs since overhaul, 1049 Tach, 3425 TTAE. The fabric is in good shape and appears to have been redone in 74. I bought the airplane almost 5 years ago and it went through several extensive annuals. Fresh annual May 2018. I've put over $17,000 into the airplane in the last 5 years (have receipts). The maintenance and paperwork issues have been brought up to date and it will now be an economical airplane to own. Has original struts, drum brakes. The Terra 250D Transponder is flaky but come 2020 the ADS-B rule will mean it should be replaced anyway. The right fuel gauge is also flaky. Check out my Youtube video "1953 Piper Tripacer For Sale".

Climbs 1000 FPM, 2000 RPM - 92 MPH, 2200 - 98 MPH, 2450 - 115 MPH

Past 4 years work includes:

Factory Rebuilt Carburetor

Factory Rebuilt Magneto

New wiring Harness

New Scat Hoses

Rebuilt Carb Heat Box

Rebuilt Heat Muff

New Spark Plugs

New Spinner Back Plate

Complete AD Compliance

New Strut Fork Ends

New Landing Gear Bungees

New Nose Wheel Bearings

New Fuel Selector Value

2 New Fuel Drains


New tires and tubes

New wheel bearings

New Concorde battery

Rebuilt left brake cylinder


Here are a bunch of pictures of the outside, interior, and engine. The airplane is in nice condition and the colors really fit the vintage look. The pictures look great but of course they don't show some of the chips and scratches that you might notice up close, but then again, nobody elses pictures do either.

Fabric is good and was tested at each annual.

Includes wheel pants on the mains.

Very pretty and simple panel. Narco MK12D radio w/ Nav VOR, glide slope, and DME. Transponder. Intercom. Artifical Horizon. EGT/GHT.

Vintage look fabric is in good condition as you can see.

Great wool headliner.

New Mag, Hoses, Wiring Harness, Carb, and more.