Titan Tornado 1

Malcolm Morrison, Stormstown, PA

Website: http://www.wienerdogaero.com/TitanTornado.php

Year Built: 2011

Materials Painted: 1.8 oz Cloth, Aluminum, Fiberglass

Primer: Gliddon Gripper

Color Paint: Sherwin Williams High Gloss Latex

Notes: I primed bare aluminum and new fabric, then sprayed 4 coats of Sherwin Williams High Gloss over everything including prevoiusly painted surfaces. I wet sanded, polished, and waxed, and it looks great, and has held up very well.

The Tornado is the first airplane that I've put through the process of getting an Airworthiness Certificate from the FAA. It's quite a process with lots of paperwork, but it was worth it. The Tornado has a 20' wingspan, weights just under 400 lbs with a max flying weight of 750 lbs. I usually cruise aroung 95 MPH but it will do over 110 MPH. It handles wind and short fields very well also.


I've done quite a bit of cross country flying in the little Tornado.

Check out the links below:

Airventure 2012

Oshkosh or bust (mostly bust). My trip to Airventure in Oshkosh, WI was not a big success.

Western PA Ultralight Fly-in 2012

The first annual Western PA Ultralight Fly-in.

Airventure 2013

Redemption! The 2013 Airventure trip was fantastic!

I also have some videos of the Tornado:

Flying at the McIntyre Ultralight Fly-in

Some interesting video from the McIntyre PA Ultralight Fly-in.

Wellsboro, PA Fly-in Breakfast

Video of a flight to Wellsboro, PA for their great fly-in breakfast.

2015 Central PA GAthering of Titan Tornadoes

We tried an all Tornado get together but only got three attendees. It was still a good time.

Leaving Bob's Field

The Tornado does not need much runway (thankfully)

Engine Off Glide Test

Ride along as I shut off the motor to test the gliding capabilities of the Tornado.

Short flight to Homan's

This is a short flight to Elwood Homan's field for our EAA Chapter family picnic.



Below are some shots showing how I closed in the big gap between the fuselage and the wing. This made a noticable difference in glide.