Titan Tornado 1, Sold

Malcolm Morrison, Stormstown, PA

Website: http://www.wienerdogaero.com/TitanTornado.php

Year Built: 2011

Materials Painted: 1.8 oz Cloth, Aluminum, Fiberglass

Primer: Gliddon Gripper

Color Paint: Sherwin Williams High Gloss Latex

Notes: I primed bare aluminum and new fabric, then sprayed 4 coats of Sherwin Williams High Gloss over everything including prevoiusly painted surfaces. I wet sanded, polished, and waxed, and it looks great, and has held up very well.

The Tornado is the first airplane that I've put through the process of getting an Airworthiness Certificate from the FAA. It's quite a process with lots of paperwork, but it was worth it. The Tornado has a 20' wingspan, the initial weight was just under 400 lbs with a max flying weight of 750 lbs. It handles wind and short fields very well also. Current weight with bigger gas tank, wheel pants and fairings is 424 lbs empty. Total time 307 hrs. Rotax 503 dual carb, single ignition has been converted to Ducatti CDI electronic ignition, total time 464 hrs, with about 150 hrs since de-carbon. IVO quick adjust prop, currently configured as 2 blade for optimum cruise. I’ve experimented quite a bit with prop pitch and RPM. The current setup gives me a 90 MPH cruise at burning 3.6 GPH, and 110 MPH at 6500 RPM. You can pitch for higher cruise and higher max speed. It will do over 115 MPH but the fuel burn goes up. The 14.5 gallon fuel tank gives you good cross country range. I’ve flown all over PA, and long trips to Oshkosh, SC, MD, OH, and VA. With my 200 lbs and full fuel I can put 70 lbs of camping gear in the rear seat area. It can accept a jump seat for a tiny person in the rear but I don’t have one. The flaps are very effective for short takeoffs and landings. It flys hands off in smooth air and handles turbulence really well. Wheel pants and fairings on the mains cut drag and help keep debris out of the propeller. A big performance change came from installing fairings around the fuselage/wing intersection. This cut a lot of drag. Main tires are new in 2020 and the front is 2 years old. It has a simple instrument panel with altimeter and airspeed along with the Grand Rapids EIS that monitors RPM, CHTs, EGTs, voltage, and has programmable alarms. The Garmin 296 color GPS is used for navigation. There are two 12 volt outlets for other accessories if needed. The wing is polished aluminum which looks great and keeps weight down. Wheel brakes are cable activated so no bleeding of brake fluid to mess with. I never thought that I would sell this airplane, but we are moving to an area where hangars are not currently available.

Here's a short walk around video of the Titan

Here's a cool shot with light from under the hangar door.

Latest photo session, June 2020.

New tires on the mains. Nose tire is only 2 years old.


Close up of the 9 year old paint. Looks as good as new.


Panel has altimeter and ASI. The Grand Rapids EIS monitors the engine and programmable alarms let you know is any parameters need to be looked at. Very nice MicroAire panel mount radio with push to talk on the stick. Garmin 296 color GPS provides the navigation.

14.5 gallon fuel tank provides plenty of range for cross country.

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I also have some videos of the Tornado:

EAA Family Gathering

Playing with the Titan at the EAA Chapter Family Gathering.

Flying at the McIntyre Ultralight Fly-in

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Wellsboro, PA Fly-in Breakfast

Video of a flight to Wellsboro, PA for their great fly-in breakfast.

2015 Central PA GAthering of Titan Tornadoes

We tried an all Tornado get together but only got three attendees. It was still a good time.

Leaving Bob's Field

The Tornado does not need much runway (thankfully)

Engine Off Glide Test

Ride along as I shut off the motor to test the gliding capabilities of the Tornado.

Short flight to Homan's

This is a short flight to Elwood Homan's field for our EAA Chapter family picnic.

Live, Love, Fly

A sentimental video of my planes and family with Titan Tornado footage.

McIntyre Ultralight Fly-in 2015

Did some fun flying with friends at the 2015 McIntyre, PA Ultralight fly-in.


Below are some shots showing how I closed in the big gap between the fuselage and the wing. This made a noticable difference in glide.