Pietenpol Aircamper (SOLD) $7,800

I started working on the Pietenpol in 2002 and made good initial progress. But then we fixed up and sold a house. Bought and fixed up another house. And along came several good deal projects that I've worked on over the past several years. As a result I have lost interest in the project and I need the shop space.

The power is from a Corvair which has been converted per the William Wynn manual. OT-10 cam, .30 over, and so on. It's been test run and it performs great. The fuselage, tail, gear, and cockpit are all completed. One wing is covered and the other is ready to cover. The wing center section contains an 18 gallon tank.

Sitting in the cockpit making airplane noises! The finish is very nice and it somes with the covering materials and paint to finish the wings. The cockpit was extended for comfort and has an older GPS, radio, and intercom. Front cockpit has locking glove box, ASI, and altimeter.

Here's the covered wing, primed and ready for paint.

The Corvair engine is a complete rebuild with new .030 over pistons, rings, bearings, gaskets and seals, new OT10 camshaft. Electric start with alternator. It has a beautiful wooden prop and has been test run. Custom 3 into 2 into 1 exhaust with muffler, heat wrap and carb heat.

Here's the uncovered frame showing the woodwork. At this point you could continue with the folding wing setup or make it a fixed wing by simply replacing the front spar pin with a bolt.

Here you can see that the wing center section is wider that the original to accomodate the 18 gallon tank.

Above it a mock up of what I have planned for the cowl. Some people like the narrow nose, antique look better. The choice is still yours.

This will make an awesome airplane for someone looking to fly low and slow and bring a friend along. I have the complete builders log with photos and receipts so you will be able to get the Repairman's Certificate and do your own annuals. Most of the work is done and you could easily be flying in a couple months for less than the cost of materials alone.


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