Moni Motorglider Project $4,500 SOLD

I'm selling this under protest for a good friend. I REALLY want him to finish it since I'm not sure anyone else could match his workmanship.

Span 27' 6"

Length 15'

Useful Load 260 lbs

Accomodates 6' 4" 235 lb pilot

20:1 Glide Ratio

Top Speed 120 MPH

This is a Monnett Moni Motorglider with a new KFM 30 HP motor that's still in the original shipping box. I am showing a few of the several hundred photos from the builders log. The log is as meticulous as the construction and details the 1200 hrs of building so far. The construction and storage has all been inside the builders home where it's heated and dehumidified. This will be show quality airplane when finished.

New 30 HP KFM 2 cylinder, 2 cycle motor with electric start, exhaust and muffler.

Another of the motor and the cast mount for the tricycle gear configuration.

Factory cowl for the KFM provides proper cooling and minimum drag.

Here's the panel and cockpit including side control stick, canopy frame (new canopy is still in wrapper), spoiler handle, engine controls, instruments, fuses, and radio mount.

Even the back of the panel and wiring are beautiful.

When you have a milling machine and know how to use it you can do amazing things.

Another small example of the quality of construction and attention to detail can be seen in the exhaust heat shields.

The Fuselage was built by attaching it to a level table and using a laser to keep everything straight and true. All interior surfaces have been treated with Zinc Chromate.

Another shot of the fuselage.

Here the turtle deck has been fitted.

The instrument panel opens with the canopy frame making entering the cockpit easier.

"Mailbox" type fuel tank.

The wings have extruded spars and formed ribs. The aluminum wing skins have been formed and are ready to install.

I love this shot looking down the wing rib lightening holes. It shows the accuracy of construction.

Here are the main wing attach fitting. These took weeks to complete by themselves.

This Moni comes with the tri-gear option for easy ground handling.

It includes factory wheel pants too.

Factory builders manual and instructions.

Builders Log.

Nearly 400 photos showing the superb craftsmanship in great detail.

Typed log accounts for all of the work.

EAA Tech Counselor visit report.

Construction manual, builders log, construction photos, and all parts and hardware to complete are included. I truely believe that you will not find a better built airplane and it's almost done. Who ever finishes it will be the builder of record and will be able to get the FAA Repairman Certificate enabling them to do their own annuals.

The Moni will cruise at 100 MPH burning about 2 GPH, and you can shut the motor down and soar. That's about the cheapest flying possible. And, the wings unplug so you can store it in the corner of a hangar with other airplanes, or trailer it home.

My friend wants me to buy it and finish it, but I told him I would be embarrased trying to match his workmanship. Plus I currently have too many other aircraft projects. Still, if it dosen't sell in awhile I just might do that.

Call Malcolm (814) 769-1941