Micro Mong Biplane (SOLD)

The Micro Mong is back on the market for a couple of weeks due to family issues with the buyer. The buyer has already paid for the airplane but would like to resell due to family medical hardship. The buyer will be picking up the airplane on June 11th unless someone you buy it sooner. Contact me if interested (814) 769-1941.

I've been working on this little biplane for the past few years and it's almost ready.

It's a nearly complete project. All that's needed is to mount the instruments, get the seat pads and belts of your choice, hook up the brakes to your preference (heal/toe/lever?) and get it inspected. The advantage to this approach is that you can get your own custom N number, finish the details to your likeing, it's cheaper, and you can register as the builder so you can get the Repairman Certificate and do your own inspections. This would be a big money savings down the road.

I have a complete construction log and plans.

The Micro Mong features a welded steel fuselage and tail, and aluminum wing spars and ribs. No flimsy construction like in other small airplanes. Power is a Rotax 503 SCSI electronic ignition with electric start, the same that I use in my Titan Tornado. It has a 3 blade, quick adjust IVO prop. The finish is latex of course, it looks great and is as smooth as glass. It has an 11 gallon tank and the empty weight without instruments and battery is only 330 lbs so the performance should be awesome.