The Mirco Mong Biplane Project

Here's the Micro Mong Biplane that I've been working on. It's a sporty little airplane that will be powered by a Rotax 503 engine. One ot the things that I'm doing with the airplane is to document the finishing process using Sherwin Williams latex paint. The "my process" page gives a very detailed description of the process and steps you through the finishing of the rudder. This page will show you the rest of the airplane through pictures and videos.

This is a video of painting the fuselage trim using a roller.

Rolling on Latex Paint

Here's some videos on the process of finishing the wing.

Polish or Not Polish

Sanding the Wing

Polishing the Wing

The fuselage is all done except for the trim colors.

The stripes are painted on the top wing and it looks pretty good. The finish is nice and uniform, but there is quite a bit of dust in the surface.

What a difference a little sanding and polishing makes.

Here are some more details of the lower wings.

This shows the wing after primer and 4 coats of green. It has been taped with "Frog Tape" to establish the paint lines, then cheaper masking tape and plastic drop cloth are used to seal the masked areas.

The first coat of blue goes on and is still quite translucent. Additional coats will build the true color.

After the 4th coat of blue has dried you can really see the color, and the finish has a nice satin sheen.

Time to unmask the stripes. It's funny how the camera shifts the blue color to almost black when the green is esposed.

Oops! Looks like I didn't get the edges of the tape sealed down in a few spots. No worry. Since I will be sanding and polishing the finish these spots and the paint lip left from the masking tape will all be removed.

Here's the same stripe after sanding, polishing, and waxing. The paint bleed is all cleaned up.

One of the lower wings all finished.

I painted and trial fit the front aluminum sides.

This the upper cowl after spraying the paint and with the right panel sanded and polished.

Here is the cowl after wet sanding and polishing. Quite a difference.

This is a close up of the cowl after spray painting. The orange peel isn't too bad and there is some gloss, but there are dust specks too.

After wet sanding with 1500 and 2000 grit, polishing, and waxing, the difference is amazing.

This is the fiberglass nose bowl and the alumunim piece that goes over the fuel tank.