Lazair Ultralight Project $2,500 (SOLD)

The Lazair is one of the best engineered ultralights ever designed. It's built just like a small airplane with high lift airfoil and high aspect ratio wing, but it's light weight makes it a true ultralight so no license is required to fly it (but training is a must). The inverted "V" tail and twin engine power make it a unique sight. There is a large user group for the Lazair design which you can find on Google or Yahoo.

The Lazair III has the desired lower control stick. The reclined seat is very comfortable.

Includes fiberglass wingtips.

The left wing needs the outermost D cell section reattached. It has the old one for a pattern.

Well engineered controls.

The right wing has a small hole in the D cell.

A few seconds with polish on a rag and it shines up nicely.

It comes with 2 freshly overhauled Rotax 185s and new props.

Engine mounts (aluminum "C" channel and rubber isolators) are not in the package.

Here are the engine parts prior to assembly. New bearings, gaskets, seals, sparkplugs, wires, etc.