Latex Paint Application


Paint brushes can be very cheap, disposable foam pads, or $30 fine bristle brushes, or anything in between. The inexpensive foam brushes are the most popular for painting airplanes. Even these low end brushes vary in quality, and you are better off getting the ones that are a little stiffer with a denser foam. They last longer.


The rollers used are typically the 4" to 6" dense foam type. Get the ones with the rounded ends as they leave less noticable lines.

Spray Equipment

Spray equipment will obviously coast a lot more than brushes or rollers. An airless sprayer system can be found for less than $80, or you could pay over $1000 for a professional system. Similarly, HVPL turbine systems range from $150 at Harbor Freight to over $1000 for name brands. Conventional spray systems with compressors and spray guns are also available in a wide price and quality range from around $100 for a small, portable compressor and cheap gun, to several thousand for a big stationary compressor, dryer, and professional spray gun. The good news is that you can get great results spraying latex paint with inexpensive equipment. Many of the more expensive spray guns are set up for automotive paints and will not spray the heavy bodied latex, even when thinned, but I have had good success with $15 gravity feed spray guns from Harbor Freight.