Corben Ace

Gerry Holland, Bath, England

Year Built: 1960's

Materials Painted: Ceconite fabric covering already layered with unknown paint type at a much earlier date.

Primer: Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer Sealer

Color Paint: The same Zinsser Primer in Drab grey for main colour and EICO 'Johann Blue' for highlighting and edging.

Notes: I needed to over paint a very tired paint scheme in place when picking up the disassembled aircraft in 2012. As a preliminary I decided to neutralise the overlying and original green coloured paint by priming over the top in a neutral colour. This was water based Zinsser rolled on with 4" Roller. I used a fine 'nap' type roller with a pleasing smoothish texture matching the age and design age of aircraft. I had lighted rubbed back old paint surface with 400 Grit to ensure adhesion. The Drab grey primer looked good so settled for that. Once dry I masked up for edging and highlights and use stencils for registration as required using the EICO blue latex. The edges are not as sharp as two packs and spraying but it's meant to look shabby chic, matching it's 60 years vintage. Note: Vinyl does not stick too well to this surface. It sticks but needs time to cure or amalgamate to surface. Latex is great when touching up 'dings' as it seems to hold its colour and repairs just blend in. All in all it worked great and is much admired. Cost was a small fraction of professional painting of a previous 'plastic' aircraft I had built!