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Bonanza Wingtip (SOLD) $105.00 inst
This is a wingtip from a Beech Bonanza. It has been polished up but does have some dings and scratches. It would make a very nice display piece.
Cessna 150 Control Wheel $65.00 inst
This is a perfect addition to any pilot cave. It's an actual Cessna 150 control yoke. It seems that almost all pilots have flown a Cessna 150 at some point in their training. Now you can have a little keepsake for the office to remind you of the little trainer.
Cessna 206 Office Wingtip Light $249.00 inst
This is a truly unique and functional addition for your office. It's a light made from an actual Cessna wingtip (I think a 206). The wingtip is is as removed condition with a few scratches. It has three lights perfect for highlighting your favorite aviation art, or providing task lighting for your desk. It would make a great gift for any pilot.
Course Indicator $45.00 inst
Course Indicator, IN-525A PN 32350-0001 made by Aircraft Radio Corp in Boonton NJ. Very nice condition with a bright, clean display face and rotatable indicator bug. Learning to fly a course and fly a radial is always one of the more challenging parts of getting a license, and this display piece will bring back the fun you had trying.

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