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Micro Mong Biplane(SOLD) $6200.00 Click here for more info
(SOLD) Beautiful little biplane is nearly ready to go. Click box on right for details.
Zenoah G50 Engine (SOLD) $1150.00 Click here for more info
This is an almost new Zenoah G50 complete firewall forward package that includes dual carbs, electric starter, exhaust and muffler, and prop (tractor). It's air cooled and includes the fan or you can run it free air. Very smooth opposed 2 cylinder 2 cycle was flying on a J3 Kitten.
Pietenpol Motor Mount for Continental (SOLD) $250.00 Click here for more info
This is a nice motor mount for outting a small Continental on a Pietenpol Aircamper. It was intended for an A65 but I think it might for other Continentals as well. It includes the metal fittings for the front corners of the Aircamper fuselage.
Pietenpol Aircamper Tail Braces (SOLD) $80.00 Click here for more info
A complete set of tail braces for a Pietenpol Aircamper. These are nicely made with left hand threads on one side and right hand one the other allowing adjustments to be made by simple rotating the solid wire brace. These will greatly simplify the rigging of you airplanes tail and give it a quality look and super strength.
Continental A65-8F Engine (SOLD) $3500.00 Click here for more info
S/n 5006668. Brief log indicating the engine was rebuilt, later disassembled and inspected. Cylinders .015 oversized with hone marks showing. Complete with rebuilt Bendix Magnetos, carburetor, exhaust pipes with heat muff. (Click on link to the right for more info)
Aircraft Scales (SOLD) $90.00 Click here for more info
(SOLD) This is a nice set of scales for weighing your airplane. There are 3 scales (2 for mains, 1 for tail or nose wheel). Also includes clever extension ramps that allow weighing of things 2 or 4 times what the scale max is.
Manifold Pressure Gauge (SOLD) $65.00 Click here for more info
Manifold Pressure Gauge removed from Tripacer. Appears in good condition.
Banty Ultralight Plans and Instructions (SOLD) $50.00 Click here for more info
The Banty is a neat little ultralight with folding wings to make hangaring economical. The book contains 62 pages of detailed drawings and instructions. Construction is mostly wood and fabric and it flies on a Rotax 277 or similar small engine.
Sky Pup Ultralight Plans (SOLD) $50.00 Click here for more info
(SOLD)The Sky Pup is a true ultralight. Very economical to build and fly. The plans consist of drawing 23 sheets plus a 44 page construction manual. There are also 25 issues of the Sky Pup News covering tips and tricks from other builders.
Ecsort 110 Radio (SOLD) $75.00 Click here for more info
Older Escort radio in good condition.

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