Nesmith Cougar Restoration

Updated 3/12/2016

I've been looking for a small 2-seat homebuilt airplane to replace our Piper Tripacer. The Tripacer is great, but at around 100 MPH I want something a little faster and more economical. When Beth and I went to the Airventure fly-in in 2015 at Oshkosh, we started looking at Wittman Tailwinds and their knock offs, the Nesmith Cougar. A high powered Tailwind can cruise near 200 mph but lower powered, more economical Cougars will probably go closer to 130-140 MPH. Recently I aquired a Cougar in dire need of restoration. My good friend Tom Pryde accompanied me on the trip from PA to Greensboro, NC and back to bring the project home.

The Cougar fit nicely on my trailer and everything made it home without incident. It turns out that this Cougar was built in 1981 by Glifford Muessig in Plaistow, NH. Plaistow is where my wife and I both went to high school. Small world huh! This project will be a complete tear down and rebuild to make sure that everything is safe. Sometimes you are better off building from scratch, but if you get a good rebuild project it can save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars over starting from scratch.

Above is a shot of it with one of the wings on. This was taken by the previous owner when he bought it.

Looking ahead a couple years, this is what it "might" look like.

Stay tuned for updates as the restoration continues.