SOLD: Avid C Model Heavy Hauler

$22,000 including ShelterLogic Hangar

Malcolm Morrison, (814) 769-1941,

Unfortunately my plans for the Avid here in Florida are not working out so I have decided to sell. This low time Avid has a few unique features including straight lower fuselage longerons that give an appearance similar to a PA22. The landing gear has also been redesigned to make it a little more robust and give it a wider stance. Transponder and ADS-B in/out mean you can fly anyware legally and safely. Becker AR4201 radio and intercom allow clear communications. The motor is a Rotax 582 with only 85 hrs on the rebuid by Rotax Rick. It has a PowerFin propeller with both 2 and 3 blade hubs, or I can swap that one for an in-flight adjustable 2/3 blade IVOProp for $500 more. I'm including the heavy Duty ShelterLogic 13x24 enclosure that creates a safe hangar and comes with a new 21 ounce heavy duty cover with 3 year warranty. It takes only 6 minutes to open the shelter and rig the airplane for flight. This allows me to hangar for the price of a tiedown. I was in the process of installing a 4-gallon aluminum header tank so that will be included also along the the fuel selector and mount. Also I have all of the original build documentation and a box of manuals. The Avid is based at Freeflight Airport (2FA6) in Coleman, FL

 So here's what I have:

- 1993 Avid C Heavy Hauler N951ST, 391 Total Hours, 550 lbs empty, 1150 gross, LSA

- Extensive 2-day Condition Inspection April 2,2021

- Unique straight lower longerons (PA22 like)

- Redesigned landing gear for strength and wider stance

- 85 Hrs on Rotax Rick total rebuild of 582

- Mode C Transponder

- Uavionix Echo ADS-B in/out

- Uavionix Skyfx WAAS GPS

- Choice of PowerFin 2/3 Blade Prop or In-flight adjustable IVOProp 2/3 Blade Prop

- Nav Lights and Whelen Strobes

- ELT with new battery

- Extensive refurbush in 2022 including:

-- All new glass

-- All new hoses

-- New radiator

-- New fuel filters

-- New Spark Plugs

-- Replaced heavy Lead battery with lightweight lithium battery

-- Reconfiguration of panel with new switches

-- Installed Becker AR4201 Radio with intercom

-- Installed Ball-Skid indicator

-- New brake lines

-- New TinyTach

-- Installed Uavionix Echo and SkyFx ADS-B in/out

-- New tires and tubes

-- New Key West voltage regulator

-- New Mikuni pulse fuel pump

-- New Facet electric fuel pump

-- New ELT battery



I was looking for a Kitfox or an Avid when this project came along. It belonged to a friend of mine, Paul Gainsback, and it had suffered a hard landing. Paul took it to another friend of mine, Ken Howes, who repaired and modified the landing gear in exchange for the engine. I ended up buying the airplane from Paul and the engine from Ken and put it all back together.

Above is a photo taken on my way back to Florida with the airplane.

And here it is 10 weeks later after making a few upgrades and getting everything back together.

This documents a little of what I did. I got everything home and started inventorying what I had to determine what I needed.

I hung the wings from the ceiling to keep them out of the way for now.

Ken had installed new landing gear and reinforced the side structure.

Fabric and tapes completed.

First 2 coats of primer. It will probably take 6 primer coats before the color coats.

Painting done. New door skin and glass.

The same treatment on the pilot side.

Fitting the cowl. I need to adjust the thrust line of the engine to get the proper fit.

Ken tweaked the rudder a little to elliminate the rubbing on the fin.

Covered and taped.


I had to use a different line of paint to get the color match. The match is perfect but it's a lower gloss.

And here's the Rotax 582 back in place.

One issue that people have had with Avids is that the hot muffler is mounted just ahead of the radiator which reduces the effectivity of the radiator. I wrapped the muffler and header pipe with a fiberglass exhaust wrap to provide some insulation.

Then I fabricated a heat shield that will duct the hot air above and past the radiator. I also should provide a smoother air flow of cool air into the radiator. Note: After 10 hrs of flying I can report that the radiator is working great and coolant temps are good, even in climb.

Above is some of what I removed from the airplane. It includes the battery tray and cables (I installed a light weight Lithium battery and new cables), various unused wires, all the plexiglass (I installed all new), the intercom, fuel pressure gauge, analog tachometer, and the old belly pan (I made a new one).

I also removed and replaced all of the fuel and pneumatic hoses.

I've updated the panel a little. I installed a Becker 4201 radio with built-in intercom, replaced the analog tachometer with a digital TinyTach, installed a voltage display and new switch panel, and installed a ball-skid indicator. I also installed a Uavionix Echo ADS-B in/out system.

Two months in and we are just about ready to fly.

Folded up and in the garage.

The Hangar----------------

In this part of Florida you cannot find a hangar but with the folding wings of the Avid you have other options. I bought a 12 x 24 garage from ShelterLogic that will serve as my hangar. The local airport let me erect it and I pay a tiedown monthly fee. It comes as a lot of pieces.

I had the basic frame up in about 4 hours.

After installing the anchors my wife helped me get the cover on and secured. Note: The original 7 ounce fabric cover developed some rips while under the 1 year warranty so I upgraded to the 21 ounce cover with the 3 year warranty for the extra money.

And as you can see, the Avid fits with room to spare.