My Airplanes

I've been very fortunate to have owned several airplanes over the years, and I hope to own a few more in the future.

This is my 1953 Piper PA22 Tripacer. It's a 4 seater that really has that vintage style.Click here for more info on the Tripacer

I finished building my Titan Tornado in 2012 and have been having a blast flying it since then. Click here for more info in the Tornado.

This is a little Micro Mong biplane that I'm almost done with. I've been working on this one for the past 3 years. Click here for more info on the Micro Mong

My Pietenpol Air Camper is my first homebuilding project. I started it on 2002 but the progress keeps getting interrupted by other projects. Click here for more info on the Pietenpol

I sold this Kolb MKII a few years ago after refinishing it and flying it for 3 years. Click here for more info on the Kolb

I was a partial owner of this Cessna 172 while getting my single engine pilot license.

I owned this Schielcher ASW-15 sailplane for quite a few years, flying cross-countries and contests.

I refinished this Briegleb BG-12A and flew it for a few years before selling it.

This is a fun project for the grandkids. It's a 1952 Rockwell Aero Commander. Click here for more info on the Aero Commander.

My lovely and talented daughter in-law Alexis Morrison painted this compilation of my airplanes for me for Christmas. Awesome!